Kymab announces that the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board rejects a fifth request by Regeneron for invalidation of Kymab’s US patents

USPTO upholds a fifth Kymab patent covering Human Antibodies and Platforms

Cambridge, UK, 3 June 2020: Kymab, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing fully human monoclonal antibody therapeutics, announces that Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (“Regeneron”) has been unsuccessful in its attempt to invalidate a fifth Kymab patent (US patent No. 10,165,763). The Kymab patent is part of a series (known as the “Bradley Patents”) covering genetically modified mice with chimaeric human/mouse antibody genes used as platforms to produce human antibody therapeutics. Therapeutic antibodies produced using such mice are also covered. Equivalent patents have been granted by the European Patent Office and in other jurisdictions including Japan. Regeneron had filed oppositions against the Japanese Bradley patents, but the Japanese Bradley patents were upheld in unappealable decisions by the Japanese Patent Office.