AN2H Discovery

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AN2H is a newly formed private company, headquartered in Ireland with research activities being conducted in the U.S. and Ireland. AN2H is focused on designing novel small molecule therapeutics that target key proteins within the Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway System (UPS). The UPS is an intracellular system involved in the regulation of protein function. Dysfunction within the UPS is implicated in multiple diseases including several oncology, neurodegenerative, virology, metabolic and autoimmune diseases.

AN2H will apply its unique in-house expertise in proprietary compound binding mechanisms to assemble a pipeline of novel compounds against multiple targets within the UPS. Currently, AN2H is testing a series of compounds that could be ready for investigative new drug (IND) filing in 2017-2018. AN2H’s goal is to create a drug discovery company that can predictably and repetitively design patented compounds for druggable targets with the intent to outlicense these compounds for commercial availability.

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