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Novan is a clinical stage company focused on the discovery and development of novel nitric oxide therapies. Novan’s proprietary platform technology, NITRICIL™, solves the previous delivery issues with nitric oxide by stably storing the gaseous species in macromolecules, resulting in a diverse pipeline of nitric oxide-releasing new chemical entities. The NITRICIL™ platform technology enables drugable nitric oxide in a variety of dosage forms.

Given nitric oxide’s role across multiple biological functions, the ability to stabilise nitric oxide could play an important role in the future of pharmaceuticals. Since beginning pharmaceutical drug development in 2010, Novan has been steadily developing topical products that target emotionally or physically debilitating skin diseases.

The advancement of Novan’s lead product candidate, SB204, into Phase 2b clinical development for the treatment of acne proves the concept of the NITRICIL™ platform technology. The company is aiming to expand its pipeline with clinical studies in infectious diseases and wound care, as well as further research in dermatology.

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