Melinta Therapeutics Demonstrates Potential of Pyrrolocytosine Candidate against Gonorrhea

New Antibiotics against Gonorrhea are Needed to Address Growing Antibiotic Resistance

Melinta Therapeutics, a privately held company developing novel antibiotics to treat serious bacterial infections, announced that an oral presentation on the potential of RX-P2177, a novel pyrrolocytosine antibiotic, in the treatment of gonorrhea was made at ASM Microbe 2017. Dr. Andrea Marra, Melinta Therapeutics’ director of biology and pharmacology, discussed the bactericidal and intracellular killing activity of RX-P2177 against strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae during a symposium on antimicrobial pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is recognized by the WHO, CDC, and CARB-X as a pathogen for which novel antibiotics are urgently needed.