Ochsner Medical Center Reports 49% Decrease in Infection Rates After Germ-Fighting Robots Deployed to Disinfect Patient Rooms

LightStrike robots destroying pathogens that can cause infections

Ochsner Health System is committed to its comprehensive strategy for preventing healthcare associated infections (HAI) and enhancing the culture of safety at its hospitals, as demonstrated by its participation in the Xenex No Risk Infection Rate Reduction Program™. Recognizing the growing threat of antibiotic resistance and superbugs, Ochsner Medical Center – Jefferson Highway recently deployed a fleet of Xenex LightStrike® Germ-Zapping Robots®, which is yielding substantial results. Data analysis of the first 90 days of the program demonstrated that the hospital experienced a 49% reduction in Clostridium difficile (C.diff) and 49% reduction in overall infection rates after adding LightStrike pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light room disinfection to its cleaning protocol.